94 000 inhabitants

University city


Alessandria is a city in Piedmont, Italy, and the capital of the Province of Alessandria, the third largest province of Piedmont after Cuneo and Turin.

The city is sited on the alluvial plain between the Tanaro and the Bormida rivers, about 90 kilometres southeast of Turin.

Due to its position, at the centre of the triangle Turin-Genoa-Milan, Alessandria is also a major highway and railway hub.

At present, the main economic vocation of the territory is connected to the service sector. Major companies operating worldwide in the field of plastic packaging, food and wine department for the production of DOP and DOCG excellence products, companies such as Paglieri cosmetics industry and most notably Borsalino hat factory, represent neuralgic points of the Italian market.

Along with Novara and Vercelli, since 1998 Alessandria is home to the University of Eastern Piedmont.

The Michelin factory in Alessandria was established in 1971 and, together with Fossano and Torino Stura, are a classic example of industrial expansion within a restricted territory.