8,3 million inhabitants

University city


As the capital city of Liaoning Province, Shenyang is the economic, cultural, scientific & innovation, transportation & logistics, and commercial & exposition center of Northeast China. The total land area is 13,000 square km and the population is 8,300,000.

Shenyang is a city rich in cultural heritage, renowned as the Origin of one dynasty and Capital of two emperors. Over 1500 historical and cultural places of interest are located in Shenyang, including three world cultural heritages, namely Imperial Palace of Qing Dynasty, Fu Mausoleum and Zhao Mausoleum. The Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty in Shenyang consists of 114 buildings constructed between 1625–26 and 1783. Since 1987, this Palace is registered at the UNESCO World Heritage.

Shenyang is a city holding advantageous geographical position. High speed railways, high speed roads and intercity railway intersect across the city, and the biggest marshaling stations and airports in the Northeast are also in the city.

Shenyang, with a solid foundation of industries and equipment manufacturing industry as the symbol, is an important industrial base of the country, having advantageous industries of equipment manufacturing, automobile and the components, modern architecture, general aviation. Strong in scientific research and rich in talent resources, the city locates 47 colleges and universities, 27 state-level engineering research centers and key laboratories.

Shenyang is a city active in foreign and opening-up communication, having economic and trade relations with 188 countries and regions.