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Polydome conference center

Welcome coffee


Polydome conference center

Plenary kick-off meeting *

Olivier Bianchi | Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, President of Clermont Auvergne Métropole
Jean-Dominique Senard
| Michelin CEO

Invited speakers:
Representative from the Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition
Representative from the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs



Polydome conference center

Dialog between experts and mayors *

What are the modes of governance for a sustainable city? What approaches should cities adopt in order to propose coherent and appropriate solutions while considering the needs of the stakeholders and the specific nature of the territory?

To find answers to these questions, the Mayors of the Network's member cities will discuss them with architects, sociologists, researchers, mobility experts, etc.
Paul James  | Professor, University of Western Sydney
Bruno Marzloff  | Sociologist specialized on mobility

Polydome conference center


Polydome conference center

Keynote speeches *

Sharing their vision of the sustainable city:

Cécile Coulon | Writer
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
| Photographer and filmmaker, founder of the GoodPlanet foundation
Hubert Reeves
| Astrophysicist



Polydome conference center

Initiatives forum

The Network's cities present their initiatives in several subject areas:

  • Sports & health

Projects to promote physical activities for all - Regensburg

  • Promoting cultural activities throughout the region

CreArt. Network of Cities For Artistic Creation - Valladolid

  • Planning and citizen involvement

Norman Forward - Norman
Finding Your Waterfall - Greenville
Conversion - Bad Kreuznach

  • New technologies that serve the public

National Weather Center - Norman

  • Renewable energy and the circular economy

Energize - Bridgewater

  • Transportation of the future


  • Mobility for all

Citywalk : Establishing walkable cities in the Danube region - Nyíregyháza

  • Promoting cultural activities throughout the region

City of Culture - Phrapradaeng
Videocollectif - Clermont-Ferrand

  • Planning and citizen involvement

REMOURBAN - Valladolid
SO'URBA - Braga / Clermont-Ferrand

  • Encouraging innovation

TechCampus - Regensburg

  • New technologies that serve the public

INL Michelin Cities Prescribed Innovation Network Initiative - Braga

  • Mobility for all

Mobility in Braga - Braga

  • Green city

A Michelin Green City - Alessandria

  • Transportation of the future

ACES - Greenville

  • Mobility for all

Sustainable Mobility and Public Space Plan - Vitoria-Gasteiz
Mobility and Urban Accessibility - Itatiaia

  • Green city

Urban Green Up - Valladolid

  • Encouraging innovation

Connecting the dots - Norman

  • New technologies that serve the public

Municipality open to citizens - Cuneo

  • Planning and citizen involvement

Law Enforcement and Community Relations Task Force - Anderson
Family Living Space - Itatiaia

  • Promoting cultural activities throughout the region

Anatomie du Labo 10 - Clermont-Ferrand
Cultural heritage - Pirot


Roger Quilliot Art museum

Reception at the Roger Quilliot Art museum

By invitation only

* Simultaneous translation in Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish


Departing from the bus station

Themed tours visiting sites around Clermont-Ferrand

Visit: Cézeaux University campus: Pavin self-driving vehicles test platform

Presentation: Test drives of the EZ’10 Autonomous Shuttle

Visit : Technical center for tramway maintenance, Champratel

Presentations : SMTC (mixed association of public transport); AuverMoov (program to boost startups working on innovative mobility)

Visit : Val d’Allier water production plant, Cournon d’Auvergne

Presentations : Ecological and energy transition plan (Clermont metropole’s strategy for sustainable development linked to energy consumption and production)

Visit : Régie de territoire des Deux Rives

Presentations : Territorial food project (Grand Clermont’s policy aiming at improving the quality of products and promoting a profitable agriculture, while ensuring respect for the environment)

Visit : Magma Volcans Laboratory, Clermont Auvergne University

Presentations : I-Site CAP2025 (Clermont Auvergne University program set up to promote innovation and research in the region)

Visit : Lab Centre France

Presentations : Remote management of public lighting –system enabling the functional operations of each street light to be controlled individually.

Visit : Eco-quartier de Champratel, Clermont-Ferrand

Presentations : Plan Local d’Urbanisme (plan adopted in 2016 providing guidelines for consulting citizens, reducing the urban heat island effect and creating “nature in town” areas).

Visit : Imago (center for musical and video creation), Cébazat

Presentations : Effervescences (cultural project set up to support the application of Clermont-Ferrand to become the 2028 European Capital of Culture)

Visit : Stadium Jean Pellez and Joint football and rugby training center ASM-Clermont Foot

Presentations :  ASM Vitality (joint program between Michelin and ASM - major regional sports association - focused on enabling employees to engage in physical activity, to help fight the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle). 

Marcel-Michelin Stadium

Lunch on the theme of excellence in sports

Visit of ASM Experience (rugby center)

By invitation only


Polydome conference center

Mayors' meeting *

Which future for the network and its governance ?

A time to focus and reflect among delegations to better plan the next steps of the network's evolution and the elaboration of the next conference in 2019.

Polydome conference center


Following two days dedicated to the sustainable city, its related issues and the various responses provided by the stakeholders attending these initial meetings, workshops are a time for sharing and exchanging in order to build tangible partnerships.


City Hall

Gala dinner at City Hall

By invitation only

* Simultaneous translation in Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish

Michelin R&D Center

Tour of the Michelin RDI campus

Presentation on Michelin and the Research Development & Innovation campus in the main lecture hall
Bus tour of the test tracks

Lunch on site

By invitation only


Clermont-Ferrand opera house

Wrap-up plenary meeting*

Summary of the conference by Jérôme Auslender, Deputy Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand

Closing comments by Olivier Bianchi, Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand and President of Clermont Auvergne Metropole: announcing the venue of the 2019 conference.



Opera House

Reception at the Opera House

By invitation only



Transportation of the future

Issues : How do autonomous vehicles work ? How can they be used ? How do we support users in the use of these cars ?
Where are we on clean energy vehicles ?

Autonomous vehicles — Use and applications. Enable everyone to use it.
Clean energy vehicles — Research advances and urban use.



Green city

Issues : How to create green space in the city ? How can they contribute to the mitigation of the effects of climate change and air pollution ? How do we raise awareness among the general public, and particularly the youth, to the threats of climate change ?
How do we respond to the challenges of food self-sufficiency ?

Green spaces — Green spaces, fight against urban heat islands and air pollution.
Sustainable architecture — technologies, techniques and cutting-edge materials
Local distribution networks
Food self-sufficiency



Planning and citizen involvement

Issues : How does citizen involvement successfully transform a city ? How do we use a collaborative approach to achieve participatory urban planning and reinvent neighbourhoods ?

Citizen involvement — Participatory urban planning and collaborative approaches. Citizens’ role in the decision-making process.
Links between the inhabitants — Intergenerational links, links between neighbourhoods, between cities.



Mobility for all

Issues : How do autonomous vehicles work ? How can they be used ? How do we support users in the use of these cars ?
Where are we on clean energy vehicles ?

Autonomous vehicles — Use and applications. Enable everyone to use it.
Clean energy vehicles — Research advances and urban use.



Encouraging innovation

Issues : What collaborative opportunities exist that involve the region and researchers ? What can cities do in order to foster the establishment and development of businesses in general and startups in particular ? How can third spaces or collaborative spaces allow us to change our vision of the city ?

University and Research — Collaborations entre chercheurs et territoires. Formation et professionnalisation des étudiants.
Startups — What cities can for their establishment and development. What they provide to the cities.
R&D — Assisting businesses in their development


Promoting cultural activities troughout the region

Issues : How do we involve residents to construct an urban vision ? How do we reinvent an area by relying on what already exists (heritage, culture, human and social aspects ?)
How do we make culture an integral part of city life ?

Involving residents in the creation of an urban vision
Culture, integral part of city life



Renewable energy and circular economy

Issues : Which tools can the city use to ensure its transition towards renewable sources of energy ? How can cities promote circular economy, and especially waste management and limitation to every inhabitant ?

Energy management — Energy transition, innovative technologies.
Circular economy — Extending the life cycle of objects and infrastructures. Recycling and limiting waste.


New technologies that serve the public

Issues : What digital tools can we use to manage cities and urban facilities ? What innovations are available to public services ?
How to bring the digital revolution into the hands of citizens and make it an experimental tool for cities ?

Dematerialization and digital management — Dematerialization of services, digital tools for managing urban facilities.
Accessibility of innovations — Integration of innovations to the functioning of public services. Allowing everyone to access and use new technologies.



Sport & health


Issues : What are the tools cities have to promote social inclusion through sports ? How do local authorities become involved in innovative sports programs and events that benefit residents ?
What tools can cities mobilise to inform its inhabitants on health-related risks and forestall them ?

Sport and integration — Allowing everyone an access to a complete and varied sports offer
High-level sport and training — Involvement of the local governments in excellence and innovative sports programs 
Health — Information and prevention, key to the citizens’ well-being