Initiative - Citywalk : Establishing walkable cities in the Danube region - Nyíregyháza

Initiative - Citywalk : Establishing walkable cities in the Danube region - Nyíregyháza

17 partners from 9 countries works on the CityWalk project - aimed at establishing walkable cities in the Danube Region. The project helps cities in the Danube Region to reduce emissions, noise and to become better places to live (and also contribute to a healthier population) by increasing the role of active transport forms of mobility – walking and cycling - in the urban transport mix. To achieve that, the focus of the project is to improve key conditions of walking through supporting the design and implementation of walkability initiatives.


Walkability is the extent to which an urban area enables and encourages the movement of its citizens by walking. The concept of walkability also implies the provision of “competitive advantage” to walking over using motorised vehicles.

CityWalk delivers the following tools to cities interested in improving walkability:

  • a Baseline Study covering key issues related the walkability, supported by a set of infographics and a presentation material;

  • a Practical Guide on Walkability Planning accompanied by a 2-day training course (the methodology will be tested by the partner cities by preparing their pilot walkability plans).

  • an innovative walkability toolkit consisting of:

    • a Walkability Guidebook, presenting specific measures that improve walkability,

    • a walkability good-practice catalogue;

    • a walkability index that enables the measuring the level of walkability in different urban neighbourhoods;

    • an online walkability assessment tool and a related mobile application

The partner cities will implement small scale pilot actions to improve the key conditions of walkability; the toolkit developed in WP4 will be “test-driven” in the partner cities and fine-tuned based on the test results; finally, local, national and EU level policy proposals will be prepared to significantly improve walkability in cities


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