Initiative - Mobility and Urban Accessibility - Itatiaia

Initiative - Mobility and Urban Accessibility - Itatiaia

The city of Itatiaia, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, with the National Park of Itatiaia and Penedo as main tourist references through which thousands of visitors pass each year. Despite these references, the City was not prepared urbanistically, generating conflicts and weaknesses, mainly in Mobility and Accessibility, contrary to the provisions of Federal Law No. 12,587 / 12, known as the Urban Mobility Law, aiming at adapting the City to the principles of the Law and implement a new urban concept that guarantees the right to move safely and comfortably, Itatiaia City Hall has developed the Urban Mobility Project, where pedestrians and bicycle users are treated with priority, emphasizing constructive guidelines integrated with Environmental Sustainability.


Accessible Sidewalks - Streets of Penedo

Affordable Sidewalks - Streets of Itatiaia

Avenue of Hoses

              Existing Situation                                   Proposed situation


Avenida Brasil and Rua das Mangueiras

Rua das Velas

Bus shelter


Presentation during the first conference of the INMC

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