Initiative - City Tree - Alessandria

Initiative - City Tree - Alessandria

Cities are facing significant challenges in terms of air, noise and heat pollution.

Because of its intrinsic characteristics, Alessandria can be a great field of experimentation of sustainable and innovative projects and solutions.

We would like to call it a Michelin Green City : thanks to the installation of the CityTree solution, the world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality, it will be possible to mix smart green and access safety concept in a flexible, scalable and modular way.

Promote biodiversity and green areas in public spaces.

The City tree is:
- an effective biofilter as part of urban air purification measures;
- a high-profile communication tool for the implementation of a CSR strategy;
- a profitable and sustainable measure for the property sector.

The CityTree takes up floor space of 3.5 m² including a bench.

In an innovative way, the CityTree combines the natural abilities of mosses with intelligent IoT technology. The cost-effective, low-maintenance and flexibly implementable biofilter considerably improves the quality of life in the cities.

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