Presentation - Smart outdoor lighting for a 100% connected City

Presentation - Smart outdoor lighting for a 100% connected City

To secure the City, to reduce operating costs, and to develop its lighting plan in an ambitious sustainable way : end of 2011, Clermont-Ferrand City was launching the biggest european project ever done in connected smart outdoor lighting. Since 2013, its technical department controls the City 18 000 connected light points from an easy to use web platform solution.

Energy savings, maintenance costs savings, flexible monitoring and control : the scalable solution implemented by the City already opens gateways to the future, through Dynamic Lighting that links light level real time control to urban mobility and traffic flows.

Clermont Auvergne Metropole

  • 220 equipments and outdoor ligthing installations web connected

  • 18 000 communicating light points, monitored and controlled

  • Over 35% immediate global energy savings for the City

  • Up to over 70% energy savings, while mixed with LED techno and motion sensors

  • Important maintenance costs savings : real time monitoring and analysis, no more night inspections, maintenance and servicing plans optimisation, …