Visiting site - The PAVIN Platform

Visiting site - The PAVIN Platform

Intelligent Vehicle Platform in the Auvergne region – “Plateforme Auvergnate pour les Véhicules INtelligents”

The PAVIN platform is an experimental site designed to study vehicle mobility in both natural and urban environments. It will be implanted on 5,980 square yards in the Cézeaux campus, near the Institut Pascal. This location is ideal to study autonomous vehicle navigation in a realistic environment (simulation of a city center and roads in natural areas).

Institut Pascal  -  LabEx IMobS3

This platform is an experimental vector led by one of the scientific branches of the IMobS3 (Innovative Mobility: Smart and Sustainable Solutions) Laboratoire d'Excellence (LabEX), an upcoming collaborative project confirmed as part of the French government's Investments for the Future program which has brought together 8 laboratories in Clermont-Ferrand to work on the subject of future mobility.

The PAVIN platform includes a building capable of housing up to 6 electric vehicles. It enables a realistic simulation of a city center to be developed, including a decorated urban set and roads as well as a natural environment area. The urban section is fitted with specific instrumentation, such as traffic lights, vehicle call boxes, surveillance poles and a full wireless communications system. These facilities will help study and design a complete steering system for a fleet of autonomous vehicles designed to best meet future mobility needs.

Experimentation area:
53,800 square feet of land
5,059 square feet of buildings and sets
650 feet of decorations and facades
1,902 feet of paved streets with traffic lights, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings, etc.