Visiting site - LAB Centre France

Visiting site - LAB Centre France

The innovative branch of the Centre France Group

Founded in 2014, LAB Centre France is the innovation branch of the Centre France Group. The LAB Centre France generates ideas and is a catalyst for innovation, using creativity, collective intelligence and a corporate hacking philosophy to lead the way in the digital transformation of the group and its products.

In short, they monitor technological intelligence, perform experiments and accelerate ideas in order to be trend setters.

Centre France Group:

  • 8 daily/11 weekly newsletters for 1.4 million readers per day

  • Our websites: 400,000 visits per day

  • Media coverage: 4 regions, 15 departments

  • 1,600 employees

6 professions:

Media and communications solutions

Book editing

Event planning


Consulting and training

LAB Director: Soizic Bouju, Assistant General Manager of the Centre France Group, in charge of strategy
Lab Manager: Raphaël Poughon
Project manager - facilitator: Quentin Jaud

Facebook page / Twitter account / YouTube channel / E-mail: