Visiting site - ImagO

Visiting site - ImagO

The imagO center for music and image creation was unveiled in 2016. This space is dedicated to creating and experimenting with new forms and new distribution channels using a combination of music and images, repetition, pre-production and staging. It is designed to foster exchanges between creative and production professionals (musicians, producers, technicians, audio and visual content creators, etc.).

Its entirely modular configuration makes it adaptable to all forms of media, including immersive, multicast, and digital media (live streaming, capture/rebroadcast). The center is equipped with fully mobile sound, lighting and video-projection technology and serves as a toolbox with adjustable configurations on three sets of 320, 540 and 2,150 square feet.

The equipment is available for rental by start-ups or creative companies: audio and audiovisual capture, experimentation with digital technology and new forms of broadcasting, professional meetings, technical, artistic and technical-artistic training sessions.

- 68 local and international music projects since its launch (Tindersticks - UK, Joycut - IT, etc.)
- A total of 1,856 hours of use
- 11 professional meetings and workshops
- Immersive projection cage 65 ft x 16 ft



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