Smart Cities Challenge in Canada

Smart Cities Challenge in Canada

Bridgewater and Montreal become two of the winners of the Smart Cities Challenge in Canada

By stimulating innovation in communities across the country, the Government of Canada is empowering cities and providing grants to cities committed with sustainable development so that they can face the most pressing needs of their residents with connected data and technologies.

Among the cities of the International Network of Michelin Cities, Bridgewater and Montreal have received awards which will be used to implement their vision.

Montreal, Quebec, wins a $ 50 million CAD prize for its proposal to improve mobility. 


Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, wins $ 5 million CAD for its proposal to reduce energy poverty. This program is designed to lift its residents out of energy poverty, an issue that 38 per cent of Bridgewater households currently experience due to aging, leaky homes, as well as high energy and transportation costs.     


Congratulations to both winners !