International mobility tightens the links between cities

International mobility tightens the links between cities

In order to favor international mobility, the City of Clermont-Ferrand has been providing grants for many years, to residents who study or carry out an internship in one of its sister cities.


These grants exist in addition to other programs such as the Erasmus+ for European Mobility.


With the creation of the International Network of Michelin Cities in 2017, Clermont-Ferrand expanded this program and was able to award grants for 8 sister cities to 36 partner cities.


Every student who benefits from a mobility grant has to share his/her experience the year after, for example during a mobility event, through an article or by helping students to find an internship abroad.

In 2019, 89 students from Clermont-Ferrand (52 women and 37 men) will benefit from this stipend to study or intern in 12 cities from 9 countries: Montreal (15), Regensburg (15), Norman (12), Salford (9), Aberdeen (9), Santiago de Quéretaro (9), Shangaï (6), Oviedo (4), Braga (4), Bangkok (3), Valladolid (2) & Hamburg (1).


The Top 3 countries requested by students from Clermont-Ferrand are the United-Kingdom, Germany and Canada.


Thanks to this subsidy for international mobility, Clermont-Ferrand enables students to discover its partners all over the world thus tightening the links between our cities.