The International Network of Michelin Cities was launched in 2014. The aim of this network is to develop public and private partnerships between around fifty cities all over the world sharing the common feature of being home to a Michelin production or research center, as well as their partner cities.

This project is a powerful driver for innovation in public policy. It addresses the issues of internationalization and attractiveness of the territories. It signals the dawn of a new kind of cooperation between cities, and is completely in line with 21st century concerns, such as those of COP21 and the Habitat 3 conference.

To date, about forty cities in Europe, Asia, America and Africa have expressed an interest in joining this network.

The International Network of Michelin Cities is different from other city networks in several ways:

- Because the network believes that the diversity of its cities is a strength, it enables each one, irrespective of its size, to be a source of inspiration to the others;
- The network does not only focus on public policy; it also involves all of its driving forces: university faculty, representatives of the economic sector, associations, and artists. Local stakeholders are invited to participate in the activities of the Network;
- While the city of Clermont-Ferrand will handle administrative work, any member of the Network may initiate and develop new projects, giving it a truly multilateral character.

To sustain the projects initiated at the first conference being held from November 29th to December 1st 2017, the Network will initiate a 'call for proposals' system. These calls for proposals will be biennial to foster cooperation between conferences. They will primarily focus on topics voted for by the Network cities.

Communications concerning the projects developed by the Network cities will be published on the digital platform, available in several languages. This portal site will highlight the network's activities and provide access to specific information and resources.

Finally, the Network's biennial conferences will be held in different cities. The host cities will take the initiative and can choose the main theme of the conference. Several cities have already offered to host the 2019 conference.